What NOT To Do While Traveling in India

Entrance gate to Taj Mahal

India, the land of diversities, is also regarded among tourists as the land of controversies. The irresistible charm of the country is definitely alluring, and every traveller has India on his bucket list of ‘must-visit’ destinations. A trip to in India can be breathtakingly beautiful, enjoyable and yet so very difficult and frustrating at the same time. To ensure a comfortable trip to India, you need to plan your tour carefully and take a few useful measures. Proper planning and guidance holds the key to a happy and hassle-free travel. This is not only applicable to India, but is applicable anywhere in the world.


Here are a few what NOT to dos when you travel to India – 

Taboos and restraints are going to help you a lot in India.

  1. Do not take photographs where it is prohibited. Indian society is very sensitive over religious issues. Respect local customs and taboos for your own safety and well-being.
  2. Beware of the touts. Handle the touts patiently and firmly. Do not argue with them or get involved in a brawl.
  3. Keep a watchful eye on the hiked foreigners’ rate on everything that is sold on a spot of tourists’ interest.
  4. Women, especially who are travelling alone, must focus on their own safety. Do not trust or follow any unknown person who tries to be friendly with you. Select your guide and companion extremely carefully.
  5. Do not forget that Indian visas are validated from the date of issuing and NOT the date of entering the country. Do not overstay your visa duration. Paperwork in India takes more time to process. Be prepared beforehand with extra time.
  6. Do not get forced to try any “delicious Indian food” from anybody unless they are personally known to you from before.
  7. Do not buy surprisingly cheap antique items or jewels from hawkers. These things are entirely fake and worthless.
  8. Do not forget to take your tour guidebook from the hotel concierge or any reliable source.
  9. Do not ask any unknown or random person for road directions. Always consult the traffic police.
  10. Carry your bag of valuables on your own. Do not forget to take care of your money and important documents especially at crowded public places. If your hotel provides a safe locker, use it.
  11. Do not get out just in time to reach somewhere. Take enough buffer time in hand for handling the congested streets, lanes, irregular transport and overwhelming number of people.
  12. Do not forget to consult and inform your hotel concierge before going anywhere alone.
  13. Do not buy any ticket from a third person. Always buy tickets from the correct counters following the correct procedure.
  14. Do not forget to buy a local SIM card for easy communication.
  15. Do not take lift from any unknown person.

Fishermen at Digha, West BengalLast but not the least; patience is the key to travel in India. Do not lose patience at the honking of horns, pollution, dust, over populated streets and heat in India. Patience is the only way to survive.

Travelling is the most vivid form of experience and education. The dos and don’ts may seem to be too suffocating, curtailing the fun part. But India can still be enjoyed comfortably with meticulous planning, keeping in mind the real purpose of the travel. Immaculate tour planning would make your India tour a treasure memory you would love to ruminate in your leisure hours. India is a country of almost 250 different languages and as many numbers of cultures. So if you are getting 20 things not to do, then imagine how many hundreds of opportunities you are to gain through the visit. Do not count the things you cannot do in India with a sad face as the restraints would make your tour anxiety-free and colourful.

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