Christmas Shopping – Life hacks for her

Santa Carrying Shopping BagsChristmas is just around the corner and it is about time you set the tables to make merry. Bring out your sticky notes, as demands for gifts are all over the place. While you prepare for shopping, have a look at the following life hack tips to ease the pressure of holiday shopping.Christmas Shopping Cart

  • Knowing what others want save you time and money in spending on half-appreciated gifts. If no one else, at least the children will comply. Discuss and decide.
  • Impulse buying is a strict no-no! Maybe you will get what you like, but that might turn out sub-par for others. To save yourself the hassles of exchanging gifts, not to mention over-spending on baffling billboards, make a proper list before you head out for shopping.
  • Tight budgets are the in-thing of the season. Everybody is looking towards saving on gifts. Play the “Secret Santa Strategy” so that in a group a single person buys a single present. Fix the price limits on each gift so that expenses stay on a leash.Online Holiday Shopping
  • Use coupons. If you don’t get them in hand, look them up online. Don’t feel embarrassed in asking the sales assistant about discounts while buying expensive gifts. Shops in high streets generally provide a significant 10 per cent off on retails in mood with the festive spirit.
  • A little research on the different price comparison websites gives you a fair idea of what you want to buy and from where. Follow your favourite retailers on social networking websites. Exclusive discounts enclosed in their Facebook page or Twitter feeds prove to be profitable. Provided what little time and energy you have to spend while signing up. Online gift cards are another great way to save on uncertain gifts. Online retailers with vast choices generally let them go for as low as 30 per cent of their original prices during festive season.
  • Do someone else’s shopping for a change. The best possible way of spending leisure time before the big holidays. Besides the helping others virtue, you do some good to your own on-ground market survey. Spending time on shopping for others, indirectly, saves money for you. It also rids you of the no-buying guilt if the new Christmas tree décor collection proves too alluring to resist.Christmas decor
  • Husband in office, kids in school – the time is ripe to invest in some pre-holiday Christmas shopping. Once husband and kids start to occupy your time after the holidays begin, it will be almost impossible to bail out from there. Remember, offers are available only till the stocks last. Hurry!
  • Learn to use the mostly available cooking products as resource for your special Christmas brunch. Waffle cones, chocolate melts, whipped cream, strawberries, pulverized candy cane, candies of different shapes, cheerio and pizza breads – keep an eye for these materials while shopping. Usable in many ways, combine these in as many ways you like, and get a new result every time.
  • If you are buying ice cream, don’t forget to buy Ziploc bags with it. Packing it inside them keeps the ice-cream soft even after freezing.
  • Muffin trays are often handy buys, but also other than in the use of making muffins. Eggs, placed on muffins trays before placing them in the oven, are tastier to eat and easier to peel.
  • Buy eggs, don’t forget the cartons. They can be made into good Christmas decorations, or even trendy ornament boxes.
  • christmas shopping familyShopping Time, Family Time: Who says Christmas shopping can’t be as fun a get-together as the Christmas Eve? Your kids are just going to love the ecstatic colours around the Christmas frenzy. If hectic, you can leave them in Santa’s hands at the kid’s corner, made especially for Christmas shoppers. The family is getting together. So, forgo the hassles of choosing gifts for family members on your own. Let them choose for themselves. Just keep a tab on the expenses – that’s all.

Applying these small life hacks needs only a bit of your time, common sense and a cool head. For years and generations, you have woken your kids up by getting up early yourself, made them eat their veggies, stayed up late till they return, arranged your laundry, cooked your breakfast, fed your husband, arranged his coats, got ready yourself and fought files and folders better than even him – you are the modern woman. Christmas shopping – are you kidding? Consider it just a minor bump in the otherwise smooth journey of a topsy-turvy life. Merry Christmas!Santa winks


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