Traveling for Christmas – Infographic

Christmas is a really joyous time of the year. It represents a time when family and friends can come together and celebrate. Traditionally people spend Christmas at home but there has been a new trend whereby people are beginning to take breaks and vacations abroad prior to the big holiday. This has included trips to Christmas markets to take in the Christmas atmosphere and to do some shopping for gifts. Christmas markets give a unique experience to a discerning traveller and it is a fantastic way to get into the spirit of the festive season.

Another trend which is becoming popular is to travel to the sun for Christmas to escape the cold weather at home. Some people even like to spend Christmas Day abroad in the sun which is definitely a unique experience.


Sunsearch IG

This info-graphic from SunSearch Holidays covers possible sun destinations for Christmas and there are many that offer excellent activities while there. It also covers suggestions for travel to Christmas markets and details why to travel to certain markets. It also gives some tips on how to best enjoy the Christmas period abroad.

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